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Fantastic service and great tasting food.

Danny, 17 May 2019

Have been ordering from here for years and will continue to do so

Connor, 15 May 2019

Missing chips, always item missing and it's never a big/complicated order. Ripped off.

Richard, 11 May 2019

Always great food.

Sabina, 11 May 2019

Just deliver takes a while

Daniel, 06 May 2019

Love the food from here. Super speedy delivery too.

Laura, 05 May 2019


Ash, 04 May 2019

The check my order progress on your website is crap. Says you havent started to cook my food. Then it turns up at the door. If i have work to do out of sight of the door i will order food elsewair rather than risk not getting my food.

Nigel, 28 Apr 2019


Jordan, 28 Apr 2019

Greta value for money

Josh, 27 Apr 2019

Food is amazingly cooked.

Libby, 27 Apr 2019

Very good good, always get it on time.

Libby, 27 Apr 2019

I ordered 2 large kebabs with pittas separate and 2 additional pitta breads however only received 2 of the 4 pitta breads, regularly use Istanbul grill and first issue so hope this can be resolved

Miss Katharine Joy, 26 Apr 2019

Marie, 26 Apr 2019

Food great only wrong a couple times

Kari, 25 Apr 2019

Good food

Jessica, 21 Apr 2019


James, 16 Apr 2019

Yummy food

Roxanne, 14 Apr 2019

Istanbul is amazing

Mollie, 05 Apr 2019

Food overall good

Kari, 02 Apr 2019

£13.00 before I get a delivery?? please stop putting the prices up! no wonder I haven't been for ages!! fuming

Dan Tyrrell, 02 Apr 2019

Was lovely load of meat

Paul, 30 Mar 2019

Always good value for money

Craig, 28 Mar 2019


Jord, 28 Mar 2019

Best place for kebabs

Sabina, 28 Mar 2019

No complaints from me,always good.

A, 23 Mar 2019